Prepare for the Unexpected with these Engaging Emergency Sub Plans


With sick-season upon us and life hitting us from all angles, it is great practice to have some ready-to-go resources for those emergency sub plan kind of days. Our teachers lined up some of their favorite sub plans. 
Why are these their favorite? Well, when these resources get left on a sub day, the students actually do them! All of these resources are great for engaging students and supporting the success of their learning, even if we can't be there.

Unless you have a planned absence and have all the time in the world for making sub plans (who does?), it is always wise to keep some lessons on hand for when you need them at the last moment. Tracee Orman loves to use this activity for sub plans--it’s fun, a great review for figurative language, and perfectly easy for a sub to implement! Just print and go!

There are two types of sub plans: the ones you have the time to make and the ones that need to get done quickly because you woke up sick and need something fast. Usually, those awful sick days come at a time when you’re doing something in class that is hard for a sub to just take over.

That’s why Jackie from ROOM 213 likes to keep a few one-off lessons for those days. These would be lessons that are easily implemented, that focus on some kind of learning, and that don’t scream “FILLER” to the students. You can grab a few of the ones I used here.

The Missing Teacher substitute lesson plan from Presto Plans is ready-to-use for any day off!The assignment is about your inexplicable absence and puts students in charge (by the principal) of investigating the reason you are not at school.

Students will create a Missing Teacher poster and an investigative police case file that has them examine evidence and witness testimonies. You will come back to school to an assignment that will definitely get you laughing! Click here to check it out!

Sick day? Snow day? No worries! The Classroom Sparrow has you covered for those days where you are too sick to do the planning. This Emergency Sub Plan Bundle for ELA will give you access to tons of materials where you can quickly print and go!

What do music, TV, and “how to” articles have in common? These are all incredible activities included in Danielle from Nouvelle ELA’s Independent Writing Activity Bundle. This resource makes for PERFECT emergency sub plans, independent work days, and/or snow days. With these digital literacy-based activities, students will ACTUALLY complete the work you leave for them because they enjoy it!

One of the most practical pieces of advice Christina, The Daring English Teacher, has when it comes to planning for a sub is to have a link attached to a sub slide deck. This way, teachers can edit their sub plans without needing to worry about getting a colleague to print plans out. You can read more about the sub slide deck in this blog post.

Need a last-minute lesson?  Addie Williams has you covered with this fun poetry activity! It's a print-and-go resource that your students will love - they get to write a poem based on their pet peeve!  It's one of her favorite activities to do with the kids as the results are often hilarious!  Grab a copy of the activity HERE.

We hope you find just the right fit for your go-to emergency sub plans!

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