7 Great Resources for the ELA Teacher on Cyber Monday Sale


Cyber Monday Sale

It's time to take advantage of TPT's site-wide sale on Monday, November 27th and Tuesday, November 28th with savings of 25% off when you use the promo code CYBER23 at checkout. We have compiled our favorites that you won't want to miss for this sale! Check them out here:

1. Are you looking for a resource you can use with ANY novel study? If you do lit circles and have students reading different novels at the same time, this NOVEL STUDY resource will help keep you and your students focused and on track. I use these resources to help my students analyze the plot, characters, setting, and other story elements as they work through their books. This bundle also includes activities for creative student response, unique final projects, and more! - Addie Williams

2. Danielle from Nouvelle ELA loves using escape rooms to build classroom community, increase student collaboration, and cultivate her students’ love for reading. If this resonates with you, then you and your students will love TERMINUS—a found-dystopian digital adventure series geared towards 8th and 9th grade students who read below level. In this standards-aligned digital escape room, students practice making inferences, sequencing, and prioritizing information. This resource also includes optional extension activities. With TERMINUS, your students will be begging to learn!

3. The Daring English Teacher  is all about teaching essay writing to her students in a way that is accessible and engaging. This essay writing unit includes paragraph-by-paragraph instruction with color-coded examples guided outlines! Plus, it includes both the print and digital formats to help make essay writing instruction a breeze!

2024 new year activities

4. Tracee Orman knows how much teachers like to plan in advance, so she has updated her popular New Years Activities resource for you for 2024! This bundle includes sooo many different activities, you can pick and choose or do them all. Plus, it includes DIGITAL in Google Slides for paperless or for students on vacation.

5. Jackie from ROOM 213 knows just how hard it can be to pull students through those last weeks before the winter break. That’s why, during those days, she loved to use activities that kept students engaged and learning. You can find a whole pile of her favorites in her Games & Challenges Bundle. There are activities for building word choice, learning to use figurative language, honing persuasive & argumentative skills, improving grammar and more!

6. Are you looking for a creative way to meet all your writing and language standards while still keeping students engaged! Presto Plans does this by having students write a paragraph of the week! On Musings Monday, students respond to an argumentative, narrative, descriptive, or expository prompt and write freely without worrying about grammar or structure. On Transform Tuesday, they will learn a new writing skill and apply it to their paragraph. On Wordsmith Wednesday, they will improve the language by integrating figurative language, stronger word choice, transitions, and more. On Technical Thursday, students will learn a new grammar or structure skill and apply it to their writing. Finally, on Finalizing Friday, students will review their paragraph and make any last-minute adjustments. Click here to give it a try!

7. The Classroom Sparrow  Imagine this: You or a character of your choosing, have just been invited to attend an ugly sweater Christmas party. You will now have the opportunity to evaluate and carefully select the d├ęcor for this festive Christmas event. They can be used as individual Christmas writing activities or as a complete unit, as they all go hand in hand, yet offer something different in each activity. Click HERE to get the ugly party started!

We hope you take advantage of these great deals and coast until your holiday break!

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