Espresso Shot: Freebies for Teacher Appreciation Week


Freebies for teachers

For Teacher Appreciation this year we want to share some of our favorite FREE resources with you. We hope you know just how much we value and appreciate each and every one of you. What you do MATTERS. Thank you!

Tracee Orman

Free One Pager Use with any book

This FREE One-Page Fact Sheet can be used with ANY book, short story, play and/or some poems. It is a versatile handout and is differentiated for several grade levels. The prompts allow students to analyze the characters, main events, setting, point of view and perspective, narration, plot, and character motivations. It also includes a prompt for students to create their own ONE PAGER, additionally exploring symbolism and theme. 

Presto Plans

Commas in a Series Free Grammar Challenge from Presto Plans: Have students use their knowledge of using commas in a series to escape the Mayan temple! This free commas grammar challenge is a new and fun way to engage your students in grammar instruction and assessment. The resource includes everything you need to teach, assess, and practice commas in a list with your students. Start by assigning the quiz to check your students’ understanding of the topic before you begin. After teaching the grammar concept with the included slideshow, read the back story to set up the challenge and put students into groups to work together to complete the challenge!

Addie Williams

Why not use a view from a window as inspiration for a poem? Grab this freebie and lead students through a fun poetry activity using their bedroom window, classroom window, or any other window as the subject of their poem. Includes both print & digital versions.

Room 213

Jackie from ROOM 213 loves to get students engaged in active learning with exercises that put the responsibility for thinking in their hands. This resource is one she often used with her students when they were trying to analyze the important elements of a novel or play. It’s a free activity you can download and use your students as you can apply it to any text. You’ll get a lesson plan and a handout for students.

The Daring English Teacher

Christina likes to help students become stronger, confident writers by providing them with this free essay writing checklist that helps them look over their essays and build confidence. She uses this checklist once students have completed their first drafts.

Nouvelle ELA

Danielle's students rate this introduction to symbolism and allegory as one of the most memorable lessons of the year. Why? Because it starts with candy, of course! With that attention grabber as a reference point, this lesson helps students understand the intellectual jump from the concrete attributes of a symbol to the abstract ones. This free lesson includes a digital and paper vesion.

We hope you enjoy these free resources and have a wonderful rest of the school year!

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