Engaging End of Year Activities for Middle & High School Students

 As the end of the school year approaches, and the weather warms up, keeping students focused on their school work can be increasingly challenging.  I know for my students, the promise of longer days, sunny skies, and the freedom that comes with summer vacation makes for a difficult few weeks before the end of the year.  Here are three activities to keep students focused during these last few weeks!


Why not have students reflect on their school year through music? Have them create a playlist that         includes songs that cover the following ideas:

            - What song best represents the best moments of the year?
            - What song best represents your most challenging moments of the year?
            - What song best represents this class?
            - What song best represents one of the themes of a novel you read this year?
            - What song best represents how you feel about the summer? Next year? Your future?
            - Any other ideas?

 Have students write a short paragraph explaining their thinking about each song pick.  I have students present this as a PowerPoint / Slideshow at the end of the year, and it has been a huge success!  You can create this project on your own or grab the templates and organizers I have created as part of my End of the Year Activities Bundle, which you can find HERE.


Ask students to create a one-pager that represents their school year.  This is a great way for students        to show their learning and allow them to be creative at the same time!  I ask them to include ideas around the following big ideas.

        - What did you learn? How did you improve in certain aspects of school?
        - What successes did you have at school? With a hobby? A sport? 
        - What were some challenges?
        - What are you looking forward to next school year?
        - What were the most significant news stories of the year in your school? Community? World? 
        - Other ideas? 


Looking for a print-and-go bundle of activities for the end of the year?! I've got you covered with this set of resources that you get started with tomorrow!  It includes 18 different activities - some are quick, and some are more involved, but you can pick and choose the ones that will work best for you and your students!  Check it out HERE!

Here's a quick FREEBIE you can also enjoy!  It's one of the activities included in my End of the Year Activities Bundle!  Check it out HERE!

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