End of Semester Board Game Review Activity

Are you tired of marking tests? Do your students need a break? Why not give them this board game project instead? This end of semester review project allows students to reflect on what they learned, while at the same time, presenting the information they learned in a fun and creative way! This could be used as an end-of-unit review or even as an end-of-semester project. Even the smallest details are important to this project. 

This project can be completed individually, in pairs, or even small groups! There's a lot of flexibility within this project, so it's a great test-taking alternative! The best part? This project is applicable to a variety of grade levels AND subjects. Click HERE for a closer look!

How to use this project in English class?

  • Create a game board based around an author 
  • Create a game board based around a time period within a novel study 
  • Create a game board based on terms learned within a unit
  • Create a game board based around all of the units studied in a semester
  • ...the possibilities are truly endless!

The project requires students to make insightful connections and discuss important elements that stood out to them as a student or reader!

Here is an example of a completed game (while not English-related, it gives you an idea of what it can look like!)

During the presentations to the class (optional) you can also involve the entire class by creating 'live' challenge cards. Another way to evaluate the comprehension level of not only the students who are presenting, but the students in the audience!

I can assure you that your students will not only have fun completing the board game project, but they will also enjoy listening to the other presentations!

In addition, it's a great evaluation tool, as students get to reflect on what they think was important (or stuck out the most). 

You can also create board games on large poster paper and have students 'play' the games if time allows!

Click HERE to grab a copy of your own!

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