5 Easy Ways the End The School Year

It's been the longest teaching year of my life! We were lucky enough to be face-to-face in my school district for the entire year, however, I know that many of you have experienced a year of online or hybrid (and every possible variation!) teaching.  It has been exhausting. I am exhausted. The students are exhausted.  We are all exhausted.

Looking for some easy activities to wrap up the year?  
Here are five easy activities to end the year on a fun note.

1.  Countdown Activity - FREE

One of the activities I have students complete at the end of the year is this review activity.  It can be used with ANY topic and includes a blank one for you to add your own reflection questions to.  This is a fun strategy for any topic - I ask students to list 5, then list, 4, then list 3... all the way down to one big takeaway idea for the year / the unit / the topic.  It's a quick and easy way to assess student understanding.

2.  Monthly Summary  

Put students into groups of 3-4 and assign each group a month of the school year or a unit of study.  Each group must come up with something (one-pager, poster, video...) to represent their learning for that month or unit of study.  Groups can present their creations to the rest of the class for a fun wrap-up activity.  

3. Print / Digital End of Year Activities

Use these ready-to-go activities (available in print or digital) to wind down the year.  There are many options to pick from and they are all print/share and go!  Pick the activities that will work best with you and your students... or give them 5-6 to pick from so they feel empowered with a choice.  I've successfully used these activities with grades 6-10 as they're easy to differentiate and adapt.

4.  Poetry Wrap-Up 

Given that we have had such a chaotic and stressful year, I think it is important to have some fun as we end the year.  Have students complete haikus or limericks that summarize their learning, the challenges we have faced during the year, or something positive they can reflect on.  Click HERE for a free limerick template.

5.  Tik Tok Summary 

Just when I think the Tik Tok craze is waning, my students show me their latest creations!  Why not capitalize on their love for the video app and have students think of the top three things they have learned this year and show them in a Tik Tok video?  Or teach each other a concept to review? A message to next year's students? A class dance? 

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