9 Must-Have Back to School ELA Resources

It's hard to imagine, but it's back to school season again! As teachers, we are all in the same boat right now. To help ease some of the pressure of the start of a new year, we have compiled our favorite resources!

This DIGITAL back to school-themed escape room is a blast and the perfect way to start off a new school year! You have a lot of flexibility with this resource - use as a whole escape room or individual activities. This resource is 100% paperless. No printing. No locks. Just send the links and go!

Memes are a fun way to engage students! It's so much fun seeing the students' expressions when they read them and they are perfect for orientations, an open house, classroom rules, and more! In order to keep these current, a bunch of new memes were just added this year: social distancing, hand-washing and wearing a mask.

Do you need your students to work independently during distance learning as they learn how writers develop characters? This bundle includes a series of short lessons and activities that your students can do on their own, without you there to guide them.

Looking for a resource to use with ANY novel? This bundle of activities is perfect for lit circles, independent reading, or a whole-class novel. There are opportunities for students to analyze characters, respond to the text, create projects, and more!

Making grammar fun can sometimes be a challenge. The Grammar Challenge is a full-year, 40 week grammar program for middle and high school English language arts teachers that includes assessment, instruction, narrative stories, and weekly escape-style challenges to improve student grammar, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills!

Secondary Sara and The SuperHERO Teacher recently collaborated on a Grammar Bell-Ringer Journal for Grades 6-8! It has prompts for 190 school days and teachers all the grammar CCSS topics for middle school. They are so excited to teach it this year since it comes with printable and digital versions! Their Grammar Journal for Grades 9-12 is coming soon.

A favorite resource for teaching students how to write an essays is this Mastering the Essays Teaching Unit. This resource, which also now includes digital Google files, breaks down the essay writing process into step-by-step instructions for each paragraph complete with color-coded instruction and examples.

Collaborative Bell Ringers are a great way to start off each class period. Students work in teams to solve ELA-themed puzzles, about books, movies, TV shows, songs, poetry, and more. You can even keep a running score to encourage collaboration and friendly competition throughout the term!

We enjoyed sharing our must-have resources with you. Wishing you a wonderful start to the new school year from all of us at The Secondary English Coffee Shop!

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