School's Out for Summer Teacher Challenge

Teaching is a wonderful and rewarding career. Despite grading papers after dinner, planning lessons on the weekends, and thinking about our students almost around the clock, we love what we do, and we keep going back year after year for more. Sure, it’s stressful, and yes, it’s tiring, but teaching calls to us. It was meant to be. And, something else that’s meant to be is summer vacation. We love summer break (possibly more than our students do), and it’s just what we need to keep going with all we’ve got once the next school year starts.
For teachers, summer is a time to kick back, relax, and prepare for the next school year. To help teachers make the most of their summer break, the Secondary English Coffee Shop ladies are hosting a School’s Out Teacher Challenge.

Starting Sunday, June 11, we will post a new summer challenge each week for 11 weeks. These School’s Out Teacher Challenges will focus on decompressing from a hectic school year, relishing every moment of summer vacation, and preparing for the best school year yet.

We encourage and invite all teachers, even if they are still in school or if they’ve already started their next school year, to join in on the fun.

To participate in the challenge, make sure you are following the Secondary English Coffee Shop on Instagram (@secondaryenglishcoffeeshop) and Facebook. Once we post that week’s challenge, you’ll have the entire week to take a picture of yourself completing the challenge, use the provided School’s Out Teacher Challenge frame, and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #SchoolsOutTeacherChallenge.

Addie Williams is looking forward to the challenge. She said, "I work really hard to maintain a life / work balance and so I'm super excited to be part of this challenge. Teachers work so hard to help others; I think it's important to take time to help each other and help ourselves unwind and connect."

Presto Plans recognizes all the hard work teachers put in during the year. She said, "Teachers are often such selfless people. I think these challenges will be the perfect way for teachers to flip the switch and make a conscious effort to focus on their own mental and physical health."

The SuperHERO Teacher is looking forward to connecting with others during the challenge. She said, "Because teaching is such a collaborative profession, it's exciting to come together in other ways outside of the classroom-- like how we debrief and celebrate our much deserved time."

The Daring English Teacher can't wait to see all of the posts teachers come up with during the challenge. She said, "Teachers work so hard during the year, that is is important to take some time to ourselves during the summer. It is so exciting to connect with teachers from all around the world during this challenge; I am eager to see how we relax and spend our time out of the classroom."

Nouvelle ELA knows that teachers' summers can sometimes slip by. She is excited for the challenge because she said, "Sometimes, I 'waste' my summer and it's gone before I know it! I'm excited for this challenge to create intentional moments of relaxation and reflection."

Stacey Lloyd is looking forward to celebrating with other teachers. She said, "This challenge is a wonderful way to harness the joy of social media: to connect with fellow teachers; to celebrate each other's moments of relaxation and rest; and to garner enthusiasm for the upcoming year."

Secondary Sara is excited for the challenge to begin. She said, "Anytime teachers can share ideas, stories, and inspiration is a win-win for everyone, and this is such a unique way to get the best of all worlds this summer."

Room 213 is ready for the challenge. She said, "Summer is not just 'time off' for teachers; it's necessary recharging time so we can be the best we can be for our students in the fall. This challenge will be a fun way to focus on things for you, from time with friends, great books, and delicious foods. I can't wait to see all the ways that teachers will embrace summer."

The Classroom Sparrow is looking forward to connecting with other teachers. She said, "I think summer is the perfect time for a teacher challenge because we can actually focus on ourselves and our plans for next year, without having to worry about marking and prepping for our classes. I am exited about the challenge because I enjoy connecting with different teachers from all over. I know this challenge is doing to inspire me to do and try new things that have been on my 'to-do' list for quite some time."

We truly feel that this will be such a fun way to connect with other teachers during the summer months, and we hope you join us.
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