5 Teacher Resolutions You’ll WANT to Keep

Yes, I know… you’re already an awesome, reflective, hard-working educator. In fact, your state or district might already make you jump through hoops to prove how effective or fantastic you are. The idea of setting (or failing) more resolutions might seem scary. And, truth be told, maybe maybe your life already involves a lot of SMART goals, growth mindset, or self-discipline, and adding more seems like a lot.

...Or, is the new year the perfect opportunity to discover something great? A new chance to start over? An excuse to do something differently?

Here's my attitude:

In a previous blog post about curing teacher burnout, I explored the different issues that cause teachers to leave or question the profession, and I firmly believe that NOW is a great time for struggling or victorious teachers alike to up the ante. Explore this list below; just see if any of them strike a chord in your heart.

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Maybe the thing you need the most is a fresh start. A new year or new semester already does that to a point, so seize it. Is now the time to literally clean up your space, let something go, start over, or reach out for help?
  • Identify the stressors in your teaching (or personal) life, and choose at least ONE to tackle sooner rather than later. 
What do chatty students, a disorganized grading pile, broken technology, or not-enough-pencils all have in common? They’re not only problematic, but they can trigger even more stress in your life that you don’t need.
  • Similar to #1, pick an ongoing problem and expend a little energy to try a solution. You won’t regret it!
Even if your teaching game is on point, maybe your physical or mental health could use some support from a resolution. (Hey, we’re all “there” at one point or another!)
  • If you need to drink more water, sneak in more steps, or snack differently, then own it. January is probably the perfect time to find health-related deals in stores or try something new!
Some teachers need to keep learning, add to their resumes, or feel a sense of accomplishment to feel truly at peace. (Or, even if you’re not a Type-A learner, maybe you just want some new inspiration this year!) If that’s you, then perhaps it’s time to sign up for something worthwhile.
  • Is there a local class that you would actually find fascinating? An online opportunity to cross something off your educational bucket list? 
Is your school/life balance a little off? Desperately need to catch up with some people? Well, put down your grading pen, pick up your calendar, start calling those friends or loved ones. I’m admittedly a workaholic, and balance is one of MY biggest weaknesses, so I totally understand.
  • Consider setting a reasonable social goal to build the connections you need, whether that’s seeing someone at a minimum interval, or getting one social thing in per week. 
Ready for an easy way to get started? Use this one-page tool to hang on a board or fridge and stay motivated all year! Print the Teacher Resolutions Bingo Board and get started checking off your accomplishments (and then rewarding yourself afterward!)

BONUS FREEBIE #2: Whether you entered this profession more for your love of the content area OR for your love you have for your students, there’s little that feels better than knowing you made a difference in someone’s life.

If you can’t currently “see” your impact, or wish to think about more ways to do this, then head on over to my partner blog post about helping students meet THEIR goals and resolutions! (It includes a FREE student version of the resolutions activity, too!)


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